Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few details

Things are falling into place....but there are still many details to complete (applying for my Ugandan visa, getting shots, filling out miscellaneous paperwork, and the list goes on.)

On Friday I mailed out prayer cards enclosed in a support letter. They should be arriving in mailboxes within the next few days. If I did not send you one but you wish to have one, please contact me. Your prayers are greatly appreciated--just because I haven't boarded the plane yet does NOT mean I'm not needing prayer!

Last week, I met with my boss (at HOHC) for my 6-month review. We discussed my departure date, and I have requested to leave my job on May 2. I will dearly miss my HOHC family, but I know I need those weeks to focus on Africa, pack, shoot a few weddings, and wrap up any unfinished details before I leave.

I'll be headed to NY (at AIM's headquarters) for orientation June 14 and 15. I'll be leaving the country on June 16, arriving in Africa on June 18.

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