Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And so the "goodbyes" begin...

I've no doubt said many "goodbyes" in my lifetime, yet I'm still not good at them. It's so difficult to hug close friends and leave them, not knowing when God will bring you together again. But I can trust and pray that it's a "see you later." I spent this past week in VA with wonderful friends from college, as we were in the same city because of Anna's wedding. These girls have shaped me into the person I have become, and they have challenged and encouraged me along the way. Though thousands of miles will separate us, I am thankful for modern-day technology and also am grateful for their prayers!


In 19 days, I'll head to NY for orientation. The goodbye stage is here, which means that reality is hitting. I'm really leaving soon; Africa is no longer a far off dream. This excites me beyond belief, but I will admit to being nervous as well!

I can't thank you all enough for your prayers. I am surprisingly not stressed (in a week or so I might be ;) . God has provided my finances, and in fact, I may even be over my goal! Which means I'd love to stay in Uganda longer than 9 months....we'll see what He wants, though! It obviously depends what funds keep coming in.

If you're like me, you realize that it's easy to pray for this, this, and this without pausing to thank Him for what He HAS already done. That being said, I am excited to report that the car wash fundraiser on May 15 was such a blessing. My family, friends, and old acquaintances pitched in to make it possible, and I am so grateful for their enthusiasm and energy! What a blessing to be interviewed by the local newspaper about my venture to Africa; the article was published two days before the car wash, and that was one way the public heard about it.

This Sunday, I'll be speaking at a small church nearby. I look forward to sharing my heart for Africa with the congregation, but I'm unsure which direction to go. Please pray that God guides me as I prepare, and that he lays just the right words on my heart.