Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uganda Prayer letter

Many of you have recently opened your mailbox and found a Uganda prayer letter/prayer card enclosed in a brown, recycled envelope. If you haven't received a prayer card and would like one, please let me know, and I'll send one your way!

I cannot express my appreciation for those of you who are covering me with prayers. I also am overwhelmed by the checks I have received in the mail...thank you to those who have taken a leap of faith and are financially supporting my time in Africa. I will update soon with an exact update regarding the funds I have received/still need to raise.

Here's a digital version of my prayer card and the support letter. Thank you for prayerfully considering supporting me.

Special thanks to my talented friend, Brett, who designed the prayer card. I sent him the picture of Jimmy/Gift/me, the prayer requests, and a photo I took of my dad's vintage globe, and he worked some magic! He's an incredibly gifted photographer and graphic designer.
Dear friend,

For nearly three years, my heart has been burdened for the people of Africa. I knew God wanted me to serve Him there, but the "where, when, and what" were unclear. The waiting process was not easy, but I continually reminded myself that His plan is always perfect.

Through Africa Inland Mission, God has provided an incredible opportunity for me to serve in Kampala, Uganda's capital city. I will be working with an established ministry, Dwelling Places. Rita Nkemba, the founder, describes it as "an organization that takes care of street children, abandoned babies and high-risk slum families." I will be assisting the ministry with their public relations needs and will also work directly with the children.

I am planning to embark on this journey June 2010 and will be in Uganda approximately nine months. I am asking you to consider being part of the support team for this endeavor. Most importantly, I need your prayers--not only while I'm gone but also in the months leading up to my departure. Please pray that God will continue to prepare me spiritually, physically, and emotionally, as He has during the last few years.

I need to raise approximately $14,150 in support. This covers travel and living expenses, as well as language lessons and other miscellaneous needs. If I break this down into daily increments, each day I'm in Uganda will cost approximately $50. Will you consider sponsoring me for a day? Or for whatever amount God may lay on your heart?

I feel strongly that those who support me will not be giving to me, personally, nor will you be giving solely to a missions organization. Rather, you are investing in a greater cause--our Father's kingdom. With your prayer or financial support, you are impacting the lives of beautiful Ugandan children who face unimaginable challenges every day…challenges such as HIV AIDS, war, hunger, lack of clean water, child-headed families, and the list goes on. I am eager to serve with Dwelling Places as they offer hope and restoration to some of the 10,000 street children in Uganda!

Please pray about being part of my financial support base. All donations are tax deductible. There are two ways you can donate:

(1) Online: Go to, hover over the “Support” tab at the top, then choose “Online Giving.” Click on “Give Now.” From the drop-down box, choose “other” and type in my name with "support" after it.


2) Send a check via mail: please make out the check to Africa Inland Mission (don’t write my name anywhere on the check). Please send the check directly to me so I may record it.

Donations should come to me by May 1, 2010.

As the pieces fall into place, I am reminded of 1 Thessalonians 5:24, "He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it." I am in awe that God knew the desires of my heart more than I. The kids I cared for in the choir last year “happen” to live in orphanages in Kampala. Little did I know God would place me in their exact city!

I will joyfully be His hands and feet to love and care for the precious children on the streets of Kampala. Thank you for investing in His kingdom!