Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look at that smile! [video post]

A few months ago, Dwelling Places assigned each staff member two children as part of the "holistic care program." (We have hundreds of children on our program, but many of them don't live nearby--either at boarding schools, with foster families, or even with their own families in villages. So the Holistic Care Program is for the DP children who live nearby.) The goal is to give the children one-on-one time on a weekly basis: to encourage them spiritually, love on them, etc.

I was extremely blessed to be assigned Filbert (the handsome boy in the video!) and his older sister, Balbina. (Their younger sister, Emai, is also on our program and is a doll!!) Their story really touches my heart....their father died several years ago in the village, so then the mother brought the kids here to Kampala. They ended up on the streets, which is when DP rescued them. Unfortunately, their mother fell sick and died exactly 2 years ago (shortly after Christmas.) Even though his mom's death was extremely difficult for Filbert, he is living his life with enthusiasm. I'm incredibly proud of him, because he came in #3 in his class (the best school around) this past term; he's incredibly bright, and I can't wait to see how God continues to use Him in the future. His smile and loving hugs always brings joy to my days.

My family recently started sponsoring Filbert, so he made this video for them to say hello and Merry Christmas! I wanted to introduce Filbert to you all, as well.

And remember, DP still has children who are waiting to be sponsored! Contact me if you're interested (only $25 a month.)

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