Thursday, October 28, 2010

New sponsor! [and prayer request]

Hooray for people who are willing to sacrifice and sponsor a child! I screamed out of excitement today in the office when I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine at LU. Last night she was challenged by a sermon on generosity. She remembered my blog post from a few weeks ago where I mentioned sponsoring a child. My friend shared,

"[sponsoring a child] has always been something I've wanted to do, but I have always used the excuse of 'I'm a poor college student.' So anyway, the Lord really challenged me to contact you so I could start sponsoring a child in Uganda! Let me know how to choose a child."

That completely made my day, because when God provides sponsors for our kids, it's worth all the stressful moments here in the PR office!

How can you resist these darling faces of a few of our kids?
That reminds me....20+ of our kids will be "resettled" in December! The goal of our organization is to find a safe, loving PERMANENT HOME for each child. Living at an "institution" is not the ideal for a child. Many of our kids have been at our transitional home for quite a while (even a few years), but in December most of them will be placed in foster families or resettled with their relatives (if they have loving relatives who can support them.)

Please pray for our social workers as they are working on finding families for our precious kids. And pray for the kids as they transition from their friends and comfort zone (Dwelling Places) to a NEW home. That can be incredibly challenging for young kids!

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