Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Captured: downtown Kampala

I really should be washing dishes or mopping the floor, but we haven't had water since Monday [not leaving the house without a head wrap tomorrow--my hair hasn't been washed since the weekend, and it's almost Thurs. Lovely.] So instead of household work, I decided to blog these photos for your enjoyment.

I've lived here for three months but had not risked taking Zeph (my SLR camera ;) into the city. However, last week I went downtown (Kampala) with a few other missionary friends to play the part of tourist. Taking photos is therapeutic, and I had a blast capturing the sights of Kampala on camera. I'll be putting a lot more on Facebook this week, so check that out.

I'd love to know which photo particularly catches your eye and why!

I took this photo while hanging out the window of my church (which meets on the 4th floor of a building downtown.) I love the lines that the streets in this photo create....and I also love the memory of eating scrumptious Chinese fried rice at this plaza with my roommate the first time we hung out downtown.

Hooray for markets! This was my first time at Nakasero, and I am eager to go back. Most of the fruits/veggies at Nakasero are imported from South Africa and Kenya, I was told. Saw my first red pepper since coming to Uganda. This guy sold me the best avacados I've had since coming here (left corner of picture)--I made scrumptious guacamole for some Ugandan friends that evening. Two large avacados for about 50 cents (1,000 UGS)--not bad!

Such a lucky shot! An adorable "jaja" (grandmother) who had no idea I was taking her photo ;) I love the tone of it...

This was seconds before Ryan tried to sell me off as a wife--for only 3 cows. :/ When they started looking eager, I decided hat was my cue to walk away...

Nakasero market continued...


An aerial view of the market....

....from way up here. (We squeezed through a window and stood on a little balcony to get these photos....)

Boda! Such a thrill darting in and out of (and AGAINST) traffic on these things...

Mzee (grandfather) sitting on the trash (still not quite sure why....). So precious.

Organized chaos, for sure. Here's just a portion of the crazyness one can find in the Old Taxi Park. They're called "matatus" in Kenya, but we simply call them "taxis" here.

My favorite form of transportation (and the most dangerous.) Bodas! I find that sitting side-saddle (like this lady) is actually quite comfortable. My first week here, I was scared to try, but then I mastered it (while wearing skirts it's necessary.)

Ugandans claim that we love sugar in America. While that is true, I'd like to point out the fact that Ugandans DRINK their sugar while Americans EAT it. In Uganda, they drink soda like it's water! [Notice the "no parking" sign. ha]


Paint. [Thought I'd end on a colorful note...]


MrsMike said...

I love the picture of the grandmother reading the newspaper. With her mega-huge glasses. She has such an air of sophistication.

And I also very much enjoy the picture of the men trying to buy you with three cows. Very nice. Should have gone for it! You never know... I mean come on, they were willing to give up three cows for you! Thats love right there babe.

Not Really My Cup Of Tea said...

I love all the pictures because I've been there and done that! You make me want to come over right now and join you in Uganda. I stayed in the outskirts of Kampala, so we often traveled through the busy parts like that. I never got to ride a boda boda though. ='( (for some reason the youth leaders thought it was a bad idea to send kids home broken from a boda accident?)

anyway, i love all the pictures, though I do like the Grandma one with her and all the colors around her. And the paint was pretty!

Cassie Sedore said...

Ashley! I am so proud of you for being so brave with your camera!!! I don't think I could have done it!

Amanda Gibbs said...

I love the picture of the limes. The color is so bright and you can see the texture of the fruit. I feel like I can reach out and touch it. They are all great pics! I'm really enjoying watching your journey through pictures. said...

Hi Ashley, I am the Graphic Design Coordinator for Watoto. We love your pictures - if you ever have time to come into Kampala and work with us on some projects, please let me know. We can always use great photographers... and thanks so much for spreading the word about Restore Tour. Best, Laura